Mika & Cali

Mika & Cali

Mika and Cali adventure hard! Regenurex has brought Mika’s energy levels back to her puppy days. I should mention, Mika is only 3 and shouldn’t be acting old! I honestly thought she just “grew up” when we got Cali as a puppy but clearly she was missing something in her diet.

After taking Regenurex for over 3 weeks, I have noticed a huge change in both dogs' energy levels! Mika plays harder and doesn’t give up as easily when Cali gets the ball - instead Mika gives her a run for her money!

I never thought supplements were something my dogs needed but now that I have seen such a huge difference in them since starting the product I don’t think I could imagine them not on it. The ease of use for this supplement is the best: Two pumps once a day on their food. So, so simple!Thanks, Regenurex!


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* Disclaimer
Despite many peoples' and pets' success using Regenurex and X10, we are unable to guarantee specific results and results can vary. Please also note that it can take 3–6 weeks to begin feeling the benefits of astaxanthin.