Cheryl B. (Regenurex Ambassador)

Cheryl B. (Regenurex Ambassador)



Hi, I'm Cheryl Brost. I am a two-time age group 45-49 CrossFit World Champion. I've been taking Regenurex since 2016 and I just want to take a moment to share with you a couple of things I like most about Regenurex.

I live here in Hawaii and I spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun and I found that Regenurex provides a great sunscreen protection from the inside out. This makes so much more sense than relying on sunscreen oils and sprays, which can be damaging to our bodies and our skin - as well as our oceans and reefs!

The other thing I love about Regenurex is the protective layer it provides around our cells, which is super important! This helps ward off against joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, and skin damage. 

I personally prefer taking the 12 mg serving size and take it both morning and night. I love Regenurex and I think you would, too! :)

- September 2019



“I am 46 years old and an Elite CrossFitter claiming the Fittest on Earth 45-49-year-old woman in 2016. I have been using Regenurex for a year now and I'm amazed at its ability to keep inflammation at bay and providing me the recovery I need to keep training hard day in and day out!”  *

- 2017



* Disclaimer
Despite many people’s success using Regenurex, we are unable to guarantee specific results and results can vary. Please also note that it can take 3–6 weeks to begin feeling the benefits of astaxanthin.