The (Regenurex) Astaxanthin Strength Advantage

The (Regenurex) Astaxanthin Strength Advantage

Natural astaxanthin is a source of power that allows salmon to make their heroic upstream swim, and is available as digestible capsules for humans to consume. With Astaxanthin, its highest concentration is found in salmon, and within the salmon, the astaxanthin concentrates in the muscles to allow it to swim upstream in harsh, raging rivers for more than a week. This is the greatest endurance feat in all of nature, and it’s fuelled by natural astaxanthin. 
With the power of astaxanthin, digestible capsules can provide fuel for people who exercise for their personal goals, or are trying to get a competitive edge. Researchers in Sweden did a six-month clinical trial on young, healthy, late teenage students to see whether astaxanthin would have the same effect in humans that it did in salmon. The men were required to do deep knee bends to exhaustion after a warm-up period.
The study featured a very low dose of astaxanthin of only 4mg per day (the same dosage you can get with our capsules). With the six month study, the astaxanthin had time to concentrate throughout the treatment group’s bodies. Results showed that astaxanthin increased strength and endurance by 62% in six months. The placebo group also showed an improvement of 22%, which is normal for young people who are participating in sports for a six-month period. But, it’s the difference between the two groups that really shows the effects of astaxanthin; strength and endurance increased three times faster in the young men taking astaxanthin compared with the group taking the placebo.
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Charles Hamilton
Charles Hamilton

August 10, 2022

I was my Demented wife’s caregiver for nine years plus 2013-2021, I have kept a daily diary in the form online Calendar plus several thousand jpeg’s and a few hours of Video. During this period she displayed anger and sometimes violent anger about 25% of the time, as a result the Healthcare system prescribed about a dozen drugs, all of which worsened her state of anger. As I had earlier discovered Astaxanthin benefits, It was only natural to see if the benefits would help her anger, The results were amazing, from Aug 2021 through to her Passing in Jan 2022, there was never anger, the only negative entries were the final month or so when she refused to take any medication period.

In June 2022 I contracted Pneumonia and prescribed 7 days of “Amoxallin” which cleared my lungs completely. During that period I had taken 12mg Astaxanthin 3X daily, which must have certainly helped.

I am an old man halfway through my 95th year, been taking Astaxanthin for about 2 years, and do not have the time to pursue the need for testing Astaxanthin for Anger and other benefits in the Demented. ANYONE OUT THERE IN THE MAINSTREAM, DO YOUR FELLOW MAN AND GENERAL GLOBAL POPULATION A FAVOUR, especially the Demented. Charles Hamilton

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