Astaxanthin FAQs: Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why does Regenurex seem to support so many aspects of health?

Q. What dosage do you recommend?

Q. Is there a maximum safe dose?

Q. Should I start with the full dosage?

Q. How do I know Regenurex is safe?

Q. Can’t I just get all the Astaxanthin I need from food?

Q. Which foods are naturally high in Astaxanthin?

Q. How much wild salmon would I need to eat to get a 12 mg daily amount of astaxanthin?

Q. How should Regenurex be taken?

Q. Are there any conditions where a person should be extra careful about taking it?

Q. I have a fish or shellfish allergy, can I still take Regenurex?

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Q. Is this covered by any insurance plans?

Q. How is Regenurex different from other brands of Astaxanthin?

Q. Does Regenurex have an aftertaste?

Q. How does Astaxanthin fit with the Keto diet or intermittent fasting?