Astaxanthin FAQs: Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Regenurex, seems to work on so many different things – joints, muscles, eyes, brain etc. How is that possible?

Q. How does Astaxanthin fit with the Keto diet or intermittent fasting?

Q. What dosage do you recommend?

Q. Is there a maximum safe dose?

Q. Should I start with the full dosage?

Q. How do I know Regenurex is safe?

Q. Can’t I just get all the Astaxanthin I need from food?

Q. Which foods are naturally high in Astaxanthin?

Q. How much wild salmon would I need to eat to get a 12 mg daily amount of astaxanthin?

Q. When should Regenurex be taken?

Q. How should Regenurex be taken?

Q. Are there any conditions where a person should be extra careful about taking it?

Q. How quickly can I expect to see results?

Q. Are there any tests that I could take to see whether it is working for me?

Q. How much science has been done to confirm that this stuff works?

Q. How can I be sure it will work for me? How can I be sure it is safe for me?

Q. I have a fish or shellfish allergy, can I still take Regenurex?

Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Q. Is this covered by any insurance plans?

Q. Why haven’t I heard of this before?

Q. How is Regenurex different from other brands of Astaxanthin?

Q. Does Regenurex have an aftertaste?

Q. What if I have other questions?