X10 Pets - Pet Food Topper

  • Description

Regenurex Pet Food Topper is Astaxanthin for your pet! Because they're family.

X10 is a blend of healthy ingredients: Astaxanthin by Regenurex, Camelina oil (rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9), with a side of Vitamin E oil.

Pets are family and for as long as you get to love each other, you are responsible for making all the choices for your pets - from the food they eat, their exercise and most importantly, to their well-being. With so many choices of food and treats available, your whole family needs additional nutrients as well as protection from toxins and free radicals.

Many people still don’t know about or fully understand the key role antioxidants play in how their pet looks, feels and ages. Discover the power of astaxanthin in supporting your pet's health, vitality, and aging gracefully. Don't wait for aging issues to appear – start supplementing their diet now. From young pups to wise old companions, our Pet Topper provides essential nutrients and cellular protection for a long, healthy life.

 Usage Directions

Use our Pet Food Topper to mix in with your pet's regular food. Just pump onto their food and mix it in* to ensure it is absorbed into their meal. Add to food daily. 

Servings (start with 1/2 serving per day):


< 25 lbs - 2 Pumps per day - 144 Servings

26 - 50 lbs - 4 Pumps per day - 72 Servings

> 50 lbs - 6 Pumps per day - 48 Servings

We recommend starting off slowly. Every pet and breed have different digestion and absorption properties as well as different health issues. The younger and healthier they are, the less topper your pet will need... but they still need it. 


For use in dogs and cats only. If the animal's health deteriorates, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Consult your veterinarian prior to use with pregnant or breeding animals. Keep out of reach of children. 

Astaxanthin is red and when it’s not absorbing into the cell it will start to pass through the digestive tract. If your pet’s stool begins to soften and turn orange, it’s OK but it means they’re getting more than they could absorb, just reduce the dosage or consider that fats and oils in that meal will help your pet absorb astaxanthin. If you’re giving the daily recommended amount and their stool is still firm and brown, this means their body is absorbing it all.

Health Canada Notification Number: NN.S3A5

*Astaxanthin oil can act as a dye which makes it important to stir it in with the food. Owners of certain breeds (e.g. pugs) may want to check that their four-legged friend doesn't have a red snout after their meal.